table mats

My first venture into art licensing on a collaboration with Jenny Duff mats. Some of my collages have been made into table mats and coasters. They are made in Britain and beautifully backed in cork. There are 17 different designs and are available at

scandinavian needlecraft new ed.JPG

new edition, scandinavian needlecraft

I have been working with Cico Books for a few years now and have written a number of craft books for them. Two of my favorites, Book Art and Scandinavian Needlecraft have been rereleased.


Although I have been spending a lot of time working with paper recently, sewing and especially embroidery, are crafts I really love. Anyone who sews will know that it is a really relaxing pastime. It is such a pleasure to see stitch by stitch a design develop. Flicking through the book again has made me dig out my threads, find a piece of fabric from my stash and start stitching.

book art new ed.JPG

new edition, book art

Book Art is full of creative ideas to transform old books that are damaged and heading for the recycling bin. Learn how to cut, fold and stick paper to create beautiful works of art. There are projects for experienced crafters and complete beginners, so everyone can give it a go!